My lovely Kumquats! The Kumquats-Warranty


All open sews and damages due to our production, we repair for free within 5 years.

"They took their gift with bright eyes! But what really amazes me is the fact that the kids are not only having fun the first day - No- every time they see their puppet they are thrilled to play with it!"

In honor of this monumental occasion, the 500th year of the Reformation, Martin Luther hand-puppets were created to be used to inspire learning, while the high quality with which they are made help convey respect for the man and the principles for which he so honestly and bravely stood.

These great teaching aids relay the messages through children-sized hand puppets, bringing these important events to life for the children, while their animation gives a lasting impression. When not being used for instruction, they become ideal religious companions for children and for the elderly.

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